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Production of corporate spots
FilmAid Productions

FilmAid Productions specializes in the creation of professional videos, corporate videos, tv spots, product videos, and commercial spots that highlight the promotion of your services or products. We turn ideas into compelling stories.

A sneak peek into who we are

Corporate video creation

Corporate videos offer a dynamic, engaging way to present your business. They allow you to express your corporate identity, your products, or services, and connect with your audience in an emotional way.

To be able to create an emotional feeling and satisfy the target in a few seconds, words, sound, and images are not enough. You need the magic ingredient of inspiration and high aesthetics, the intelligence and passion that will determine exactly which words, sound and image will create the desired result. The one that will impress and surprise so much that you will be distinguished.

Παραγωγή εταιρικών σποτ εταιρικά βίντεο

High expectations / demands sharpen our inspiration... challenging our creativity!

Our team consists of talented professionals with experience in corporate video production. We guide every step of the process to create a video that will steal the show. We take care of script writing, preparation, shooting and editing of the video. We aim to create a compelling corporate video, commercial, or product video that reflects your corporate identity.

Speed images

We live - without a doubt - in the age of images and speed. And this makes it more than ever to create strong and distinctive images.

One that will immediately capture the interest.

By using three-dimensional (3D) technology and advanced animation, we can create stunning videos that will capture your audience.

Corporate Video

Corporate video offers a total solution for businesses that wish to showcase their professional personality and products through the digital space. Through collaboration with specialized producers and directors, this service creates customized videos that showcase the company's corporate philosophy, values, and message they wish to expose.

Promotional Spot

Promotional spot is an important tool for promoting products and services, as it manages to capture and magnetize the attention of the audience in a few seconds. By using creative elements such as striking graphics, emotional music, selected words and exciting editing, promotional spot can convey a clear and specific message to the audience.

Product Video

Product Video is the ideal way to present a product in the digital world. Our team creates compelling and informative videos that reveal the features, benefits, and use of a product in a unique and engaging way.

Animation Video

Animation Video paves the way for a world of unlimited creative possibilities, offering a unique technique for projecting information and ideas. Through the magic of animation, it allows for the creation of exceptional videos that can include all kinds of scenarios and styles, from cute, animated design approaches to more serious and educational productions.

Our Productions

Our main goal is to create corporate videos that will engage audiences and improve competition in the digital space. Check out some of our productions below.


It is created by a business or organization to showcase its business, services, products, or corporate culture.

It is created to promote a product, service, or brand. Its purpose is to attract customers and increase the visibility of the product or service.

The process starts with defining the objectives and the target audience, followed by scripting, planning and production, and finally editing and publishing the video.

The cost of a production depends on many factors, such as length, production quality, locations, effects, and other factors. It is important to create a budget before you start the project.

The production time of a video depends on the complexity of the project. A simple corporate video can be produced in a few weeks, while a complex promotional video can take a few months.

Your video can be published on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your website, and other social networks. The choice of platforms depends on the audience you want to reach.

It is particularly important for a company as it can provide information, communication and promotion of its products and services in a more effective, impressive, and emotional way.